OpenSlides is Free Software licensed under MIT.

Current stable version: OpenSlides 1.5.1 (released on 31.03.2014)

For Windows

Download OpenSlides
v1.5.1 | .zip | 17 MB

This is a portable version. OpenSlides doesn't have to be installed. Just download, unpack and run openslides.exe!

Details in der README und im CHANGELOG.

For Linux/MacOS

Download and installation from Python Package Index (PyPI):

pip install openslides

Alternatively you can download and install the current tar.gz package of OpenSlides.

Details in der README und im CHANGELOG.


Expand the features of OpenSlides with plugins.

All versions

You can find all older versions and the OpenPGP signatures under

Source code

The current development version of OpenSlides can be seen in the public source code repository on GitHub.

To check out the source code of OpenSlides use:

git clone